Caretta Detailing has been providing superior quality detailing products since 1979. America’s Detailing Specialist (ADS) introduced their water-wise detailing systems in 1979 only to car enthusiasts, collectors, and celebrities. Today, ADS has been rebranded as Caretta and provides water-wise detailing systems to the general public.

We provide all the products of the water-wise detailing system to prospective detailers who want to start an auto detailing business of their own. Our water-wise detailing system is in great demand due to California’s drought. Our products are easily portable, require less water, less equipment and less time to
perform a service and are eco-friendly compared to traditional detailing services.

Caretta Water-wise Detailing System restores and renews the most oxidized and dull exterior surfaces of cars, boats and airplanes. Our detailing system is widely popular for its unmatched quality and phenomenal results. Our two-step process cleans and seals the exteriors without the use of water or harsh chemicals. It eliminates the need for vans, pickup trucks, water tanks, pressure washers, hoses and water recovery mats. There is no washing, drying, and taping off the edges. Our process provides extraordinary cleansing, restoration, and protection of the vehicle. It is easy to start your own business using a water-wise restoration and protection system, it needs low startup cost and no experience is required. We also provide training and on-going support to help your business grow. You can enjoy the freedom of owning your own business and making money fast!

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