Caretta Detailing has been providing superior quality detailing products since 1979. America’s Detailing Specialist (ADS) introduced their water-wise detailing systems in 1979 only to car enthusiasts, collectors, and celebrities. Today, ADS has been rebranded as Caretta and provides water-wise detailing systems to the general public.

We provide all the products of the water-wise detailing system to prospective detailers who want to start an auto detailing business of their own. Our water-wise detailing system is in great demand due to California’s drought. Our products are easily portable, require less water, less equipment and less time to perform a service and are eco-friendly compared to traditional detailing services.

Customer Raves

  • “I've been an auto detailer for 3 yrs now and when I found out about Caretta I was amaze of what the product did. If I wouldn't see it with my own eyes how it work I probably wouldn't believe it. But i just became a dealer and i am happy I did. My customer are amaze and happy to see there car looking like new again. Thanks Caretta”

    - Jovan C.
  • “Caretta Products are state-of-the-art. These products restore the finishes to my vehicle and maintain that great shine for longer period of time than any wax job can do. I've shown my friends and family these products and what they can do, and their reactions are priceless. Gone are the days of soap and excessive water usage! This brand is doing right by the environment by assuring no waste will ever fall down your drain. I will continue to use and promote this product to anyone who is curious about what it can and will do for your vehicle.”

    - Kris V.
  • “Caretta detailing in did a great great job detailing my husband's Audi R8. We were scheduled for a last minute event to show up in LA and needed the car detailed asap. There team came right on schedule to the designated location and got right to work. They did a excellent job detailing the exterior and interior of the car, I literally did not find one spec of dust - just awesome. The rims were immaculately clean - exactly what we needed. They did a swift and thorough job - we were able to load up the trailer an head off to the event right on time. These are my goto team when it comes to professional detailing work on our show cars. Thanks for the excellent service!”

    - Vanessa M.

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